Style Options for Custom Picture Frames

A custom frame should complement and protect the photo or artwork it surrounds. It should also make a stunning impression in whatever room it occupies. Placing a photo, print, or original piece in a mass produced and cheap frame will not only take away from its beauty, but also leave the subject vulnerable to corrosive elements found in the air, moisture, sunlight, and temperature. Precise measuring, artisan tools, matting, and picture framing experts can protect any piece while presenting it in the best possible way.

One style option for custom frames is hand carved gold leaf frames. These can be made of finer woods or renewable woods, and are most commonly used for fine art, large pieces, and antique prints. They are available in many widths, corner types, and degrees of ornate decoration. Carvings can be simple and understated, for example, or intricate and bold, with several variations in between. Scrolls, flowers, animals, lettering, symbols, or anything else can be carved into the wood.

Traditional frames are usually less ornate than carved frames. They may still have texture, but tend to be simple. Many are wood, but other materials are also available like different metals. A variety of colors and thicknesses are available as well. Contemporary frames have simple lines and textures to allow viewers to focus on what is inside the frame, instead of the frame itself. Many colors are available, and adding matting will result in an elegant look.

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Some photos and artwork as made to be fun, so playful and colorful frames are available to enhance and complement whimsical pieces. Different materials, textures, colors, finishes, and matting options can bring out the personality of a piece. The best way to select a custom picture frame is to bring the piece to be framed into a professional framing studio, such as Images and Details Custom Framing, for example, and see some examples of styles. Professionals can offer suggestions, place mats and frame options near the piece, and give the owner an idea of what the finished project will actually look like.

That luxury is not available when selecting frame components online. If unsure of what will look best, the professional framer can ask questions about the setting for the piece, the general decor of the office or home, and the reason for getting the piece framed. Getting an old wedding picture framed for a milestone anniversary, for instance, may look great in a thin wood frame with French matting. Seeing how that will look with the actual picture may help the customer decide on what to select.


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